PADI IDC for June 2017 on Phuket has started

PADI IDC for June 2017 on Phuket has started

The PADI IDC for June 2017 on Phuket has started in conjunction with PADI CDC Center 'Dive Asia'.
The two candidates are originating from Canada and Taiwan but both live in Hong Kong and know each other very well. Kevin used to be Adrian's math teacher and now they're both students. An interesting set up!
It seems like we have a great little group going though with two very interesting candidates. 

PADI IDC for June 2017 on Phuket has started

PADI IDC for June 2017 on Phuket has started; Kevin and Adrian just before we hop in the pool for the first time during this June 2017 PADI IDC at Dive Asia's training facilities at Kata Big Rock.

It's still early days and lot of work are still ahead of us bit ti seems that both have the theory exams in a firm grip. That makes theory live easy on all of us. The first confined water dive, during which we practiced a skill circuit, also went down well, just a few small hick ups that will be easily corrected with a bit more practice.

Plenty of work still ahead of us, before the PADI IE will come around, on 17th and 18th June, right here on Phuket.
Today will see some more theory exams, presentations by me and another skill circuit in the pool plus various workshops, among others about control, CESA, rescue skills from the rescue diver course, rescue exercise #7 practice, today with a pocket mask. Plenty of things to keep us busy and entertained!

If you're interested in participating in a PADI IDC with me, your next opportunity will be with one of our monthly programs on Phuket, Thailand in conjunction with PADI CDC Center 'Dive Asia', starting with 4th July, 8th August and 5th September. On 26th July there's also a PADI IDC program scheduled to start in Moalboal in the Philippines in conjunction with PADI 5* IDC Center 'Neptune Diving Adventure'.

Please contact me if you like to receive more detailed information on any of these programs.

See you there,

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