Diving around Gili Air in Indonesia, August 2012

Once more I was lucky enough to get some diving in around the recent and busy August PADI IDC on Gili Air in Indonesia, in conjunction with PADI 5* IDC center Oceans 5.

An male (small one on the left) and female (big on the right) Ornate Ghost Pipefish at Kecinan in Lombok

The two sites I visited were Shark Point near Gili Trawangan, a site I dive almost every time when I'm diving around Gili Air. The other site was Kecinan, a bay, beach and small village that go by this name with an amazing underwater reef and sand area to dive on.

A leafy scorpion fish at Kecinan

Various people that work at Oceans 5 were telling lots of good stories about this site so I had to see it with my own eyes and I went the hole 9 yards in order to be able to dive this site and I don't regret it. It delivered as promised, lots of macro and another first; black ribbon eels. Unfortunately i couldn't catch the latter on my camera, it had it's moment' again.

A big scorpion fish at Shark Point

The diving around the Gili islands is very diverse and lots of macro can be found, and Gili Air has the added bonus that Lombok is not far away, about 15 minutes and you're at either Teluk Nara or Kecinan, two great macro sites.

A 'celernia heffernani' sea star

Hope you enjoyed the pictures and hopefully you will have the chance to visit the Gili islands and be able to log some dives. You guessed it already, Gili Air is my favorite island, very relaxed and laid back and not as busy as Gili Trawangan, but to each their own!

Kecinan beach, view from the boat

Hope to see you around!


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