Scuba diving at Apo Island, Philippines

Today was a well deserved day off after having completed the PADI IDC for July 2012 in Dauin and yesterdays EFRI course. What better way to spend this day off than with diving? Apo island was calling!

Porcelain crab

After almost a week of strong wind and lots of rain, with only cancelled trips to Apo island, today was the first time in over a week that a scheduled trip actually took place! Talking about perfect timing! tomorrow I won't have time to go since the PADI IE will kick off at 8am.

Scorpion fish

This well known dive location has many dive spots and we got to dove three of them today, Coconut point, Mamsa and Cogon.

Barred fin moray eel

We had three very relaxing dives and together with Marcia and Matt from the IDC we enjoyed ourselves. My Canon underwater housing actually played along during the first two dives and luckily I cloud take some pictures, displayed in this post.

Black spotted puffer fish

Besides the pictured animals here, we also saw two turtles, various nudi branches, 2 frog fish and plenty of other critters. Either the pictures didn't work out or my camera decided to not play along..........

Banded sea krait

It was a very relaxing day and I enjoyed getting wet again. Now it's showtime for the IDC candidates and the PADI IE is now looming on tomorrow mornings horizon.

Stay tuned for more updates.


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