DUP and Search & Recovery Specialties on Chaweng beach, Koh Samui, Thailand

DUP and Search & Recovery Specialties on Chaweng beach, Koh Samui, Thailand

It was a while ago but at last it was time to clock some real dive time again on Chaweng Beach on Koh Samui again with Claire, who took part in my May 2011 IDC on Koh Samui.

About 10 masks and a bag full of debris after Search & Recovery dive # 1

The Digital Underwater Photography or DUP and Search & Recovery Instructor specialties were on the program today. We had a nice early start and just be fore 9am we hit the water for the DUP dive, along Chaweng reef, where we saw a nice amount of nudibranches.

The result pf Search & Recovery dive # 2, a big bag full of debris and part of a beach chair plus a tire

The visibility was fairly good for Chaweng beach and we found plenty of debris, just way too much to carry between the two of us, but we managed to bring out a nice chunk of garbage over two dives.
The amount of garbage deposited in front of Chaweng beach is staggering and goes from uncountable amounts of firework rocket parts, too many frames of the 'good luck' hot air balloons, dozens of fake sunglasses, clothing, plastic and glass bottles, tires, toys, dive and snorkel masks, buckets, fishing nets, ropes and so on.
Although I enjoy swimming through this debris and garbage, looking for things and partly cleaning up, it's rather depressing the sheer amount of garbage that is out there.

The puzzle at the beginning of each dive!

During our second out of three dives this morning, there was some very hard rain but we were totally oblivious to it, since we were under water. After the third dive, upon surfacing, my face got slightly sunbrunt, that's how fast the weather can sometimes change.

During the DUP dive we saw this beautiful Glossodoris atromarginata

It was a nice days diving, followed by the Deep Instructor specialty at Sail Rock, which recently had outstanding visibility and a few whale shark sightings. Two reasons to look forward to tomorrows diving.

A goby hiding in a fire works rocket part

If you're interested in either Instructor Specialty training or a PADI IDC, please get in touch with me, the next PADI IDC will start 8th April in Khao Lak, followed by an IDC on Koh Lanta starting 22nd April and on Gili Air in Indonesia 20th May. You can also contact me if you like to receive information about PADI IDC's in the Philippines, the next program is scheduled to start 23rd July in Dauin.


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