Diving Shark Point, Gili Trawangan in Indonesia

Diving Shark Point, Gili Trawangan in Indonesia

It's good to be back in the water again. Today is a leisure on Gili Air, so what better to do than going for a dive at Shark Point, a fantastic dive sit near Gili Trawangan. Everybody that is participating in the IDC starting this Wednesday went for the dive, so it was a nice group outing, a great way to get to know each other.

One of the white tips reef sharks we saw during the dive.

The best thing during the dive was that my underwater camera and housing are functioning again, as described in a post during the live aboard in December last year. I could solve the problem by first attempting this and after having cleaned one button successfully but in a time consuming fashion, I decided to resort to option 2 or 'plan B'.
I can happily announce now that my camera is working fine now.

A school of a couple of hundred jack fish, circling

Immediately at the beginning of the dive we encountered one of the biggest groups of jack fish I've ever seen and also Hamdy, the local divemaster with a couple of thousand dives under his belt, stated the same, he had never seen a school of jacks this size. It was impressive and they even started to circle, something I didn't knew that jacks did. It was awesome!

Another shot of the massive school of jacks

Than a strange happened, some 17 minutes into the dive my D6i dive computer go into decompression diving and showed me that I needed to complete extended deco-stops towards the end of th dive. In itself that's no problem or big deal, the strange was however, that nobody else in the group, another 6 divers, had their dive computers signal a similar precaution. I've done this profile multiple times without problems, so receiving this message was strange. The only thing I can think of that caused it is that before the dive I didn't check if the wireless transmitter was synced with my computer. I do mention this, since the computer wasn't synced with the transmitter. Strange. I completed the 9 minute deco stop and surfaced. So far everything's fine!

A turtle that has been nibbled on

Back to the dive, we saw 3 white tip reef sharks(I only saw 2), a handful of turtles, including the biggest one I've ever seen and the one that had been nibbles on, as pictured above, a lobster hiding under a rock, an octopus at the same rock, a cuttle fish plus the usual fish that always seem to be around.

Tomorrow will see the start of an IDCS course with Eric from Brazil. See you soon!


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