PADI IDC in Khao Lak - Thailand, the December 2011 version is passed the half way mark

PADI IDC in Khao Lak, the December 2011 version is passed the half way mark

Today was a day off although some of the candidates had some additional physics classes! Nonetheless, time to relax and enjoy some time outside the classroom and water. I for once, participated in an 11km run in Kathu, Phuket.

Open water evaluation, alternate air source use

We're good on track though and the scores in confined and open water are good!

Jeff showing the speed limit on his bag

We had plenty of classroom presentations by me but the candidates also had their share to prepare and present, see Jeff above.

Nico showing how to hover in confined water

The first six days of the course we got wet every single day, 5 days in confined and one day in open water. Tomorrow will be a dry day, classroom only!

Jeff and Eduardo during their confined water 'air depletion' skill

The group dynamics are really good and we're having plenty of fun despite the fact that the days are long!

Julia, who's staffing this IDC during open water

Just a few more days and the PADI IE will be knocking on their door! Friday the 3 day exam will kick off, but before that will happen, check for some more updates on this program on this channel!


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