Last dives of the year, around Koh Tao

Last dives of the year, around Koh Tao

The last two days diving this year have been spent guiding fun divers around Koh Tao, a nice end of the year considering that I started the year with two DSD's around Koh Tao dive sites!

A shrimp caught peeping out of his bottle house in Sairee beach

Two new sites were on the agenda, first of all the HTMS Sattakut, a former Thai Navy boat deliberately sunk a few months ago near White Rock. The vessel has been active during the World War II landings of Okinawa and D-Day. It has been prepped splendidly, on first sight, with easy and convenient penetration options. Well worthwhile a visit, with it landmark two guns, one at the bow and one aft.
Due to my current underwater housing/camera problems, there are unfortunately no pictures of me taken at the HTMS Sattakut.

Saddle back clown fish at Sairee beach

The other 'new' site for me was at Tao Thong bay, a nice and shallow site with some excellent coral. The recovery of last year's bleaching has been really good around Koh Tao, in contrast to some areas around the Similan islands.

Christmas season greetings

A school of rabbit fish over Tao Thong's reef

A propeller of one of the Koh Tao dive boats

Time to wave goodbye to this years diving for me. A compilation and review of this year will still follow tomorrow or the day after so stay tuned!


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