Koh Surin, live aboard trip December 2011 part 2

Koh Surin, live aboard trip December 2011 part 2

The second day of the live aboard trip was located around the Koh Surin islands. After an exciting first day, it was time to get ready and gear up for another fab day.

I wish I had more underwater pictures but due to my camera problems, I only have a limited amount of what I consider good pictures.

Sun rise at the Koh Torinla, part of Koh Surin

We started off with a great dive at Koh Torinla for the second dive of the Deep dive Instructor Specialty. Beautiful boulders combined with a bit of current guarantees tons of fish, from small fishies to bigger ones, the whole food chain seems to be present.

Map of the Surin islands, we dived Koh Torinla, Turtle Ledge and Koh Chi. On top of that I dived at the bay South of the camp on Surin Nua.

Besides the regular dives scheduled for that day I also had to schedule two Search & Recovery dives, which I managed to get into the busy schedule. Kelli, Johan and Eduardo plus myself had some fun with the lift bag and navigation skills.

The MV Mariner, our home for three days, away from home

When the rest of the divers on the boat dived Turtle ledge, me and Johan, Kelli and Eduardo dived the bay around the corner and got the Underwater Navigation dive out of the way.

Clark Anemone fish with an anemone crab in front

The last dive of the day was at Koh Chi, the Lighthouse Rock and another Underwater Navigation dive was scheduled with Rewi, Nico and Jeff. Once we completed this dive, all specialty training was taken care of and that meant that the two dives tomorrow at Richelieu Rock would be pure fun dives!

Lion fish

The crew on the boat was very accommodating and fun to hang out with. Very upbeat, professional and knowledgeable and in general a pleasure to work with. Many thanks to Roger and PADI 5* IDC Center Sea Dragon for accommodating all my training wishes, much appreciated!

Phyllidiella pustulosa nudibranch

Cocktails were served after dinner (what a treat the food was all day long!) but I made it a short day, 5 days in a day and 9 over two days was enough to have me look for my cabin early in the night! Tomorrow was one more day of diving, the highlight for me, at Richelieu Rock. An update to follow soon!


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