Diving the Hardeep wreck near Pattaya

Diving the Hardeep wreck near Pattaya

You actually take a car or minibus to Samae San and from there the boats leave for the Hardeep or Suddhahib. It's been a while since I dived last here, that was during May/June last year.
It was good to be back again!

Imad and his brother during the descent

Conditions were nice, no current and relatively good visibility. Interestingly enough, the descent line had been moved bu boats using it as an anchor line. Quite amazing really if you look at the size and amount of weights attached to the descent line, so this can actually prevented!

A part of the hull of the Hardeep

Thailand has a few wrecks to show for and wreck diving is one of my favorite diving activities, together with taking pictures.

Ropes to hold on to at the end of your dive, during your safety stop, 5 meters below the surface

The four of us enjoyed out time underwater and for the other three, Imad, Assem and Bassan it was their first dive on the Hardeep.

Marble ray at around 18 meters

For the second dive we went to Hin Shalaam or Shark Rock and again we had nice conditions, a mild current and good visibility. Towards the end of the dive, we spotted a big Marbled ray, on the picture above.

Ordnance at the dive site, don't touch it!

This site was once used as a target for shooting practice for the Thai Navy. I spotted dozens of shells, ranging from big single bullets to long rockets and grenade shells in all sizes. The pictured above looked the most menacing, nothing to mess around with, you better not touch it, the ordnance may still be alive.

Looking forward to another dive trip in Pattaya waters in the near future, I hope!


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