Suunto D6i steel

Suunto D6i steel

As already mentioned in my last post about vintage scuba equipment (about my own Suunto Eon), there's a Suunto D6i Steel on it's way and that D6i has landed in my lap at last!

Suunto D6i

It's an air integrated dive computer (that's what the 'i' bit stands for), this means that during a dive you know how long your air will last at your current breathing pattern and has plenty of other functions to boost, among others;

-Integrated tilt-compensated 3D digital compass
-Full continuous decompression algorithm
-Gas-switching capability
-Four dive modes: Air, Nitrox, Freedive, Gauge
-Built-in dive planner

It's a top of the line dive computer indeed and I'm very pleased with it, although I haven't dived with it yet.
If you're interested in it, the D6i is now also available in all black.

The D6i with the wireless air integration transmitter

Lots of thanks go out to Suunto in Finland for making this possible, for helping them out with some questionnaires, I was awarded this beauty. You know who you are in Vantaa!
Also thanks to the people on Koh Samui and Gili Air in Indonesia who made this happen!

A nice package indeed

Right now I can't wait to go diving with it and experience it under water. A great addition to my Suunto family, after the Eon, Vyper, Gekko, Zoop and my M5 for running.