More IDC's on Malapascua, Philippines with Sea Explorers

More IDC's on Malapascua, Philippines with Sea Explorers

After the announcement of my cooperation with PADI CDC Center Sea Explorers in Dauin / Dumaguete in the Philippines, earlier this year, Sea Explorers expanded their IDC network onto Malapascua and their dive center there has now upgraded their status to a PADI 5*IDD Resort.

Sea Explorers dive center on Malapascua

For me this means that I now will be conducting IDC's again on Malapascua and after the great time I had there earlier this year I'm looking forward to go back and teach here again.
The January/February IDC on Malapascua was also my first IDC that I taught outside of Thailand and will always be special to me. Thanks to all the good folks at TSD!

The classroom at Sea Explorers, Malapascua

That January/February IDC also coincided with the first PADI IE ever to be conducted on Malapascua. History has been made and ever since more IE programs have been conducted here by PADI staff.

Malapascua's Ocean Vida resort with 12 beach front deluxe rooms

Sea Explorers have a restaurant and a resort on Malapascua as well, all integrated with the PADI 5* IDC center.

Office view

The first IDC to be conducted at Sea Explorers will kick off 6th march 2012 followed by a PADI IE in Cebu city.

A new website dedicated to the Sea Explorers IDC's in the Philippine sis under construction and will be revealed soon! In the meantime I'm looking forward seeing you at my IDC's in the Philippines and I'm looking forward to see my friends on Malapascua again.


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