Diving around the Gili islands in Indonesia

Diving around the Gili islands in Indonesia

As usual when visiting Gili Air and conducting a PADI IDC, I arrange for a few dives, to enjoy the great underwater world around the Gili's.

A map of the more common dive sites around the Gili islands

This time around I managed to get a night dive in at Oceans 5 house reef and a dive at Halik. Some 17 years ago I dived Halik during my Advanced Open Water diver course!

Blue spotted stingray at Halik

At Halik we conducted a Digital Underwater Photography Instructor training dive in a very strong current. We flew almost over the site and around this time of the year, strong currents are rather the standard than an exception.

A small nudi branch on Halik

It was a good dive and it wouldn't have been for our DUP training, we could have easily made this into a Drift dive specialty! A great experience and I also spotted a rather juvenile bumphead!

Porcelain crab

During the recent PADI IDC on Gili Air I took the opportunity to make a night dive with Kathleen, one of the candidates. The porcelain crab pictured above was one of the creatures we met that night.

Shortfin lionfish

It was once more a good experience and I always enjoy and look forward to dive around the Gili's! Can't wait to get back in November and get wet again!


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