Vintage scuba equipment; Suunto SMI and Solution dive computers

Vintage scuba equipment; Suunto SMI and Solution dive computers

From Bone & Beth, of whom I already reported about their vintage Northern Diver 1990 BCD's it now also turned put that they have some pretty vintage dive computer.

Bone is still diving with the Suunto MSI, a model from the early 1980's and probably one of the first series of Suunto dive computers!

Suunto MSI dive computer

Beth was still diving with a Suunto MSI until last year when her model packed in, not bad after serving her so long! When on the lookout for a new computer, she found in the store that she was visiting, a second hand Suunto Solution in mint condition and went for this model at 200,-USD. An excellent deal indeed.

The Suunto MSI and Solution

When I saw Beth's Solution, I realized that back in the days, some 22 or so years ago my first computer was a Solution as well or the model straight after the Solution, since mine was a console model with air integration. I'll have a look back home again and see if I can still find it.

In the meantime, pretty amazing that these 'old skool' computers are still functioning! It will be interesting to see what kind of vintage scuba equipment I will be bale to spot next!

Once more, thanks to Bone and Beth for allowing ,e to take pictures of their equipment!


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