Vader by Gull, my new mask!

Vader by Gull, my new mask!

During my recent visit to South Korea, I went to Seoul to meet up with the PADI's Korean regional manager Boo Kyung Kim and besides some friendly business talk, he took me also to Hana Plaza, a dive center near the Olympic Park.

The Vader mask by Gull

Besides buying some exclusive PADI clothing, like a wind breaker, EFR shirt and plenty of caps, I also set my eyes on a mask by Japanese equipment manufacture Gull. I already own a pair of Gull fins, but now I added a great mask, the Vader!

It has UV protection but it also has blue mirror lenses, so you can't look inside the mask whilst you wear it! The blue lenses also make for a slightly better underwater sensation of colors.

The silicone of the mask is just fantastic, it's about the softest silicon I have ever put my face on!

The only thing missing now is going for a dive soon, so I can test my new mask out! Looks like the Samui IDC starting this 7th August is going the be the right place to use it for the first time.


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