PADI IDC for August 2011 on Gili Air in Indonesia is on the road

PADI IDC for August 2011 on Gili Air in Indonesia is on the road

Yesterday the PADI IDC on Gili Air kicked off. All four candidates are in first gear, ready to take on the coming onslaught of presentations in the classroom by me and them and in confined and open water.

The start is always a classic, with the 5 theory exams, from left to right, Kathleen, Anna, Greg and Wayne

We have an interesting mix in the classroom and one of the group is working in Tonga and to be precise, on the island of Eua, how exotic can it get Kathleen? There's Anna on a trip around the world, Greg who's celebrating hos birthday today and Wayne who's an Australian cheese-maker which always goes down well with the Dutch!

Anna during a 5 point ascent in confined water

It's nice to be back on Gili Air again, it's already the third IDC that's happening here this year and it's being put on the IDC world map with a bang!

Greg with a fin pivot

Kathleen during a CESA or controlled emergency swimming ascent

Rescue exercise # 7 with Wayne and Kathleen in the driving seat

Stay tuned for more updates on this IDC!
If you're interested in participating in one of my IDC's, the next PADI IDC that I've got scheduled is an IDC on Koh Phangan starting 2nd September, followed by another IDC on Gili Air starting 21st September and my first IDC in Dauin, Philippines, starting 20th October. Please look here for my current PADI IDC schedule.


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