More vintage scuba equipment

More vintage scuba equipment

This time around a BCD dating back to 1990, again some vintage scuba. According to the owners, who are participating in Sail Indonesia 2011 and are currently anchored in front of Gili Air in Indonesia. it's a Northern Diver BCD made out of hypalon which is almost indestructible, back in the days they got at a special deal in the UK for their gear. Apparently Scubapro threatened to sue them since the BCD looked similar to a Scubapro design from that time area and as a result this design was on the market for only a brief period of time.

The BCD's are in perfect working condition and on the left of the BCD you can see where originally a pony bottle was located.

It's always good and interesting to see some vintage scuba equipment in working condition. The owners of this BCD said that they have a friend who owns a Kawasaki demand valve regulator in working condition that's 45 years old with an upstream valve! It must be a challenge to find spare parts nowadays. Now that's something very interesting and I would love to have a look at that one!

In the meantime, I hope you enjoyed this entry and thanks to Bone & Beth, safe travels!


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