PADI IDC for July 2011 in Osan, South Korea is under way!

PADI IDC for July 2011 in Osan, South Korea is under way!

Yesterday the Osan IDC for July 2011 in South Korea kicked off. 6 candidates are going to battle it out during 10 days to become the newest PADI instructors on the block. Clyde, Hai-Wen, Jay, Mike, Luis and Bookhee have their work carved out for them for the next 2 weeks, including the PADI IE, to be held on 30th and 31st July.

The conference room at the US Air Force base

This is also my 80th IDC that I conduct as a PADI Course Director and it's great to be in a new environment, opening new doors for PADI in Korea.

Rescue exercise # 7, unconscious diver at the surface

This IDC is held at the Osan US Air Force base which resembles a small town in the USA. Each day the candidates need to be checked in and out of base, providing they're not working on base. You can pay with US Dollars and the food court and restaurants are all original American eateries or restaurants, like Taco Bell, Charley's, Popeye's, Starbucks, Burger King and MacDonalds, etc.

Luis rescuing Clyde

Both the classroom and pool facilities are big and nice and well maintained and the Open Water training dives will be on the coast, just before the PADI IE kicks off.

Jay during his exercise, rescuing Bokhee

Hai-Wen making the most of Mike's rescue

Stay tuned for more updates on this current IDC in South Korea. If you're interested in participating in an IDC with Camille, in either Thailand, Indonesia or the Philippines, please contact me or have a look at my IDC schedule.


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