Vintage Scuba Equipment; Mares BCD from 1982

Vintage Scuba Equipment; Mares BCD from 1982

It's been a while since my last post on the topic of vintage dive equipment but here's one that made me happy when I saw a 1982 Mares BCD on my recent trip to Sail Rock, earlier this week.

1982 vintage Mares BCD, they don't come in these colors anymore!

A French customer on the boat was setting up a rather remarkably colored BCD, the one pictured above. The colors are like the amazing colors used during the 8-tees, when there was still no fluorescent equipment, so I think that the manufacturers just went for 'in your face' colors instead! Purple Rain by Prince comes to mind.

Upon asking some question to the customer, amongst other asking permission to take pictures and post them here online, it turned out that the BCD and regulator (Poseidon), were only used around 300 times but also that they were never serviced.

True enough, just before the first dive, about to gear up, one of the regulator blows. Another regulator was quickly provided, however, the lip hose wouldn't connect with the 1982 nipple on the bcd's LPI hose.

1982 Mares LPI hose (the cap on the deflator button is missing though)

Another BCD had to come in as well and after a short delay, our customer was ready to dive and join his group that was waiting in front of the Rock.

Different view of the LPI

I find it amazing to see that dive equipment is still going strong after so many years, although in this case a service check was desperately needed.

Keep wt folks and only leave bubbles, I hope you enjoyed this post!


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