More specialty instructor training around Koh Tao

More instructor specialty training around Koh Tao

Today was Simon's final day of specialty instructor training. After Saturday's Deep diving at Sail Rock, there was DUP (Digital Underwater Photography) and Fish ID on the menu today at Shark Island and Ao Leuk respectively, the Southern tip of Koh Tao.

Blue spotted sting ray at Shark Island

Conditions were excellent, above and under the waterline! It was cloudy so not too warm and the visibility was around 20 meters! Great diving conditions indeed.

A grouper at Shark Island

Both our dives were really enjoyable, first of all because of the nice conditions and secondly by the leisurely pace of our dives and the multitude of fish we encountered.

Christmas Trees at Shark Island

Today we were on a speedboat and due to the nice surface conditions, a flat ocean all the way from Samui to Koh Tao, we were back home by 2am! A really good time, considering we went all the way to Koh Tao.

Jenkins Whip Ray at Ao leuk

One of the high lights of the day was spotting this Jenkins Whip Ray, you don't meet too many around here and the nice thing was that this guy was not camera shy at all!

Healthy stag horn coral at Ao leuk

To finish it off, a picture of some healthy had coral, stag horn, around Ao leuk. Other parts in Thailand, especially around the Similan Islands, a lot of the hard coral has some serious damage due to coral bleaching. It was good to see that the coral around Koh Tao in general is in very good shape, especially the hard coral recovered very well from approximately one year ago.

A nice days diving and I'm looking forward to my next dive adventure, the IDC starting this 16th June on Gili Air in Indonesia.


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