Deep dive instructor specialty at Sail Rock

Deep dive instructor specialty at Sail Rock

Today I went to dive at Sail Rock with Simon, who completed his IDC in January here on Koh Samui. Due to both of us having busy schedules, we couldn't get around completing his Deep diver instructor specialty until today.

Big school of fusiliers

The weather was great today, sunny all day long and the conditions at Sail Rock were nice, around 20 meters visibility during the first dive, our deep dive during which we reached 39 meters.

The same school of fusiliers, a wall of fish!

The second dive there was a bit more of a current and visibility dropped a little bit but conditions were still excellent with a massive school of fusiliers and jacks all over the place.

The school of fusiliers with a diver on top of them

Jacks were all over the place today, in small and bigger schools

A potato grouper hiding outside of the current

A sea urchin showing it's inner beauty

Simon in the blue

A great day's diving was had and Wednesday we continue with some more Instructor Specialty training. See you than!


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