April 2011 PADI IE on Koh Lanta 100% success!

April 2011 PADI IE on Koh Lanta 100% success!

Today all the sweat, blood and tears of the last two weeks paid off and all my 3 candidates from the IDC with Blue Planet on Koh Lanta passed their PADI IE!

Left to right, Myself, Karolina, Rob (PADI Examiner), Marisa and Dan

Over two days Rob, the PADI examiner checked their knowledge and skills in the 4 PADI IE segments, basically confirming what they already showed to me, namely that they can do it during the IDC.

Happy days and tonight there's going to be a big party, including the end of the season party!

If you're interested in participating in one of my PADI IDC's, the next one is scheduled to start 11th April in Khao Lak followed by the first ever PADI IDC on Gili Air in Indonesia with Oceans 5, starting 25th April and than a 'home game' on Koh Samui, an IDC is starting there 12th May!

See you there.


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