Specialty Instructor Training on Malapascua, Philippines

Specialty Instructor Training on Malapascua, Philippines

Today we completed the Specialty Instructor training and Anne was the only one who took on the MSDT prep course with at least 5 diving Specialties.
We covered the Night, Deep, Aware Fish ID, Underwater Naturalist, Enriched Air and Multilevel Instructor specialties. On top of that we also completed the Emergency Oxygen Provider Instructor course.
During our Deep dive specialty we saw on each dive a Manta Ray at monad Shoal!

During the night dive at Lighthouse we saw this rather big seahorse.

Anne in action during the deep dive with a compressed plastic bottle, the physics of diving

A sea Squirt at Calangaman wall

A shell in a tube coral at Calangaman wall

False Clown Anemone fish at Calangaman wall

We had some great diving and despite visiting the Monad Shoal early in the morning, we didn't get to see Thresher Sharks for which Malapascua is famous for.

Tomorrow the very first PADI IE ever will start on Malapascua, so stay tuned for more updates!
The next full IDC will start 26th February on Koh Lanta.


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