Present from Malapascua IDC candidates

Present from Malapascua IDC candidates

Jesse, Lea, Jackie, Anne and Martin had a little surprise for me during the IE party recently on Malapascua in the Philippines. After they all passed the PADI IE successfully, they somehow arranged for a wooden thresher shark for me as a gift for me, on sale at various locations at the beach on Malapascua.

This one is special is special though since it has a very nice inscription on it; Thank you Camille for a great IDC! What else can you ask for!

They wrote their names at the other side of the wooden thresher shark. Thanks guys, it was my pleasure! Now the only thing missing is seeing a thresher shark myself and seeing Martin smile again!

Before I received their present I already had bought a wooden, small version of a local bangka or outrigger canoe, the kind of boat used around the Philippines for transport and for diving.

One of TSD (Thresher Shark Divers) barkeepers father sells them directly in front of the dive center and TSD's restaurant, Oscars. If you're on Malapascua and want to buy a copy for yourself, you can't miss him. Besides threshers in various sizes and bangka's, he also sells wooden Manta Rays and they're all beautifully handcrafted.

Frontal view of a bangka

Looking forward returning to the Philippines again, but for starters I'll have an IDC beginning on Koh Lanta this coming 26th February! See you there.


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