North Point, local dive site at Malapascua, Philippines

North Point, local dive site at Malapascua, Philippines

Yesterday I went for two fun dives around Malapascua, since I had a day 'off' after completing Anne's Specialty Instructor training and before the PADI IE kicked off today. The first dive was at Monad Shoal, famous for it's Thresher Shark sightings, but three days with early morning dives (early as in waking up at 4.15am! and the boat leaving by 5am) did not get me to witness a Thresher close up.

During the morning dive at Monad Shaol and the next dive at North point I did manage to get a lot of 'firsts' in though, at Monad there were Mushroom coral pipefish and a sea moth. I didn't take any pictures since using flashlights is prohibited at Monad Shoal, not that all photographers care though.
The afternoon dive saw a couple of more 'firsts', a long time wish list fave, a frog fish!!, zebra crab, spider crab and a sponge snail and two sea moth crawled along a swell.

Look at the pix below for some of my pictures I took at North Point;

Believe it or not but this is a snail, a sponge snail to be precise, it moved at a snails pace when I took this picture

A spider crab is hidden in the fan

This is how a zebra crab looks like

A sea moth crawling around

Frog fish

Some real good diving can be had here, big stuff like the Thresher sharks, white tip reef sharks, Manta Rays and hammerheads but also tons of macro stuff can be found here like mating mandarins during night dives at Lighthouse and some of the stuff pictures and mentioned above.
I can highly recommend coming and get wet on Malapascua! I enjoyed it tremendously and feel sad that I need to leave soon and don't have more time to get some more dives in!


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