PADI IDC on Malapascua is half way!

PADI IDC on Malapascua is half way!

After a couple of days of hard work, tomorrow is going to be a well deserved day off for the candidates. Time to regroup and get ready for the second part of this IDC.

Plenty of classroom time has been spent and lots of presentations where shed out over the candidates, here's Allen in action during his first IDC curriculum presentation ever.

Two confined and an open water presentations were taken care of and here' we're on our way to the dive sites, on the local dive boat or bangka as it's named in Philippino or tagalog.

Jackie in action during confined water with the Alternate Air source drill

Part of each IDC is a knot tying workshop, in confined and open water. Here the sheet bend is demonstrated.

Martin in charge during a controlled descent in open water

Rescue in progress!

Tuesday we continue with the rest of this IDC. See you soon and stay tuned. First I'm going to enjoy a day off on Malapascua.


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