MV Trident on it's way down!

MV Trident on it's way down!
It's almost 4 months now since the MV Trident was purposely sunk off Koh Tao's South coast and for various reasons (unknown to me) the official video of this sinking hasn't been released until now.

Please have a look below, it's an excellent video shot by the good folks at Ace Marine Images on Koh Tao;

The video above is a good 10 minutes long, if that's too long for you, please find a 1.16 minute long video below;

If that isn't enough, just one wreck in the form of the MV Trident, there are negotiations going on to have a retired Thai navy vessel being sunk by the end of June 2011, a 49 meter long, 17.5 m tall and 7 m wide vessel, photo shown below!

It will be great if Koh Tao can offer some counter weight and balance to Pattaya when it comes down to wreck diving.

In the meantime, I'm still waiting to get my first dive on the MV Trident in!


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