IDC on Malapascua has kicked off

IDC on Malapascua has kicked off

That's Malapascua in the Philippines in conjunction with Thresher Shark Divers and it's my first IDC that I teach outside of Thailand!
There are 5 students and two people staffing this IDC, Allen who lives in South Korea and is an IDCS and Richard, who you may remember from the IDC's he recently staffed in Koh Lanta and Kao Lak who's a Master Instructor and who also got accepted into the next and upcoming CDTC (Course Director Training Course) in Malaysia come March.

The group just after class today, ready to hit the books! From left to right Richard, Anne, Jacqui, Martin, Allen, Jessi and Lea.

A more formal picture with Richard, Anne, Jacqui, Lea, Martin, Jessi and Allen. Exams, skill circuits, rescue practice, all already accounted for, tomorrow more confined water is on the schedule, just crossing our fingers for good conditions!

Stay tuned for more updates.


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