Specialty of the month December 2010; Search & Recovery

Specialty of the month December 2010; Search & Recovery

Everybody lost something at some stage, although it may be even more frustrating if you lose something in the water. It will be a lot more difficult to recover, right? Well, maybe not if you are a diver and have participated in a Search & Recovery specialty course.

Some items found at Chaweng Beach

The rewards may be great and it's also an exciting activity. I teach a lot of Search & Recovery courses on Chaweng Beach and we tend to find a lot of lost things. Over the years I found plenty of snorkel- and diving masks, clothes, shoes, jet ski parts(!), bottles, sunglasses, golf balls etc, you name it!
Lots of fun and as an added bonus a clean up action at the same moment!

Sometimes it's unbelievable and also sad to see what gets washed up there.

Anybody up for a fin?

This specialty teaches you to tie some knots, which can come in handy when you need to attach a lost and found object to a lift bag, you also learn how to use said lift bag and on top of that you further your knowledge on search patterns.

All in all, lots of fun and no wonder to me that I teach so many of this specialty!

Come and see me and I show you Chaweng beaches treasures.


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