Manta Rays at Hin Muang from Koh Lanta, Thailand

Manta Rays at Hin Muang from Koh Lanta, Thailand

Today was my second visit to Hin Daeng and Hin Muang and it turned out to be a memorable one! After having completed the recent IDC in Koh Lanta, we had a well reserved day off today and we all decided to hop on the boat to Hin Daeng and Hin Muang with thanks to Saffron at Scubafish for having us! The main reason for going to these dive sites is the possibility of seeing big fish, specifically Manta Rays! They had been seen the previous six consecutive days, so our hopes were high!

Within seconds of the first dive of the day, there were Manta Rays and my Manta Cherry was popped, at last! It was also the seventh consecutive day of Manta sightings at this dive site!

After my initial excitement and a very nice start of the dive, the Manta's kept coming back during the whole dive, which we stretched to 64 minutes. It's a whole different experience to dive with Manta's and it's amazing how graceful they move.

Everybody in the water and on the boat was having a blast and I couldn't believe my luck when at one moment two manta's were gliding through the water together. After surfacing from the first dive, many people were snorkeling on top of the Manta's and they reported 3 Manta's at the same time.

Close up of one of the Manta's

Stealth gliding

Note the two sucker fish on each side of his head, freeloaders!

A fantastic day it was and two more dives were to follow and I will post pictures and videos of each of the second dive at Hin Muang and the Hin Daeng dive we did today, so stay tuned.


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