Manta Rays at Hin Daeng, 3rd dive of the day, the madness continued

Manta Rays at Hin Daeng, 3rd dive of the day, the madness continued

So here we are for the 3rd dive of the day, at a new location; Hin Daeng, after having already witnessed two dives at the neighboring Hin Muang with Manta's sticking with us for pretty much the whole dive, as you can see in this and this post. This dive we weren't expecting anything and I would've been very happy with an octopus out in the open. How wrong we were! Within minutes the first Manta showed up and during the whole dive there was one and sometimes two Mantas floating around! They were weaving in and out of view the full 69 minutes that our dive lasted.

Close up

Especially this footage I really enjoyed, I shot two videos during the safety stop when one and at some stage two Mantas just hung out in the current for 25 to 20 minutes, at times just barely not touching us! You could use your macro settings for some of the shots ;-)

Classic shot

Belly view

Cruising by

Manta dance

This one day we had a very unique experience which made these 3 dives one of my most exciting dives ever, with Mantas during all 3 dives hanging around during the whole dive.
Awesome! It's absolutely amazing to see and witness the grace these animals move through the water. If you're a diver, I can only hope for you to be able to witness Manta Ray's during one of your dives.

Hope you enjoyed this little series of Manta pictures, my next update will be from the Phuket IE!


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