Camille's new cooperation with Seadragon in Kao Lak

Camille's new cooperation with Seadragon in Kao Lak

The newest addition to a slowly growing list of excellent PADI 5* IDC Centers that PADI award winning Platinum Course Director Camille is working with. Camille is proud to introduce Kao Lak's longest standing PADI 5* IDC center Seadragon to his new partnership.

After Camille's successful cooperation with Similan Diving Safaris, also in Kao Lak, this is a great opportunity to widen the opportunities on the Kao Lak IDC market.

The next IDC in Kao Lak is scheduled to start 11th April 2011 with a PADI IE scheduled in Kao Lak between 23rd and 25th April 2011.
A second IDC in Kao Lak for next year is scheduled between 4th and 16th December 2011 with a PADI IE in Kao Lak between 16th and 18th December 2011.

Seadragon has a dedicated IDC classroom and a pool on the promises.

See here for Camille's full 2011 IDC schedule.

The first IDC in Kao Lak that Camille conducted earlier this year, went very successful and both candidates passed their PADI IE with flying colors.

Come and join me for an IDC in Kao Lak, feel free to contact me regarding prices, schedules and any other questions you may have regarding my IDC's in general and specifically in Kao Lak.


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