The Koh Lanta November IDC is half way

The Koh Lanta November IDC is half way

Today we completed the AI part of the current IDC on Koh Lanta with Scubafish. Things are going really well and there are 3 very strong candidates participating.

A look into our classroom with Richard presenting one of the curriculum presentations as part of his preparation for becoming a PADI Course Director.

Each of them had 2 Knowledge Presentations by now and this shows Dom telling us about M-values, Compartments and Half times during which he used a great contact that involved trains.

Besides class room presentations by staff and candidates we spend a lot of time in the confined water and Phil completed his pre-assessment part of his IDCS course with a confined water presentation, in this case a CESA or controlled emergency swimming ascent.

Skill circuit were practiced, evaluated and passed, as shown above which shows Heidi during her regulator recovery and clearing skill.

Simon practicing a CESA during the skill circuit.

All is going fine except the weather, a big storm was predicted for today and tomorrow, which resulted in the Open Water presentation being rescheduled to later this week when conditions should be better again. We're planning on taking the boat to Koh Haa during the OWSI part of the IDC.

Tomorrow is a day off and after that the fun continues! Stay tuned for more updates.


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