IDCS Course kicked off on Koh Lanta

IDCS Course kicked off on Koh Lanta

My first IDC that I will teach on Koh Lanta, in conjunction with Scubafish is about to start tomorrow but today I started with the IDCS course. Phil is taking this course and Richard, who completed his IDCS course back in November 2004 is staffing this IDC and the up and coming one in Kao Lak starting 17th November as well.

Today the theory exams, 4 curriculum presentations by me and evaluation training was on the menu. The picture above shows Phil watching the screen during one of my presentations.

This shows Phil on the left and Richard during evaluation training.
Over the next two days, Phil will complete his pre-assessment training for the IDCS course and than it's just a matter of sitting in during all parts of the IDC to follow and amongst others practice more on evaluation skills.

Richard has staffed a few IDC's already and will present some presentations and work closely with the candidates during all work in the water.

Stay tuned for more updates.


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