Fun diving at Sail Rock

Fun diving at Sail Rock

Yesterday I went out with two divers to Sail Rock, in my opinion the best dive site in the Gulf of Thailand.
The first dive we experienced a very strong current but during the second dive the current was almost gone and we had a very pleasant dive.

Have a loom at some of the picture I took;

Hermite crab near the chimney

A potato grouper, Sail Rock has plenty of them and some are pretty big, well over a meter!

A great scenic shot at the entry/exit of the chimney at 12 meters.

This bat fish has is in the fish car wash, two cleaner wrasses are having a go at the bat fish.

These are the engines that bring us out to Sail Rock and back to Koh Samui again!

It's always good to dive at Sail Rock, slowly but surely I'm closing in at 500 logged dives at this site.