PADI Divemaster Program Revisions - First Look

PADI Divemaster Program Revisions - First Look

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The revised PADI Divemaster course will be launched at DEMA in November. The new materials aren't available for pre-order yet, but you can read about them below.

The information below is subject to change. Please refer to the Training Bulletin and 2011 Divemaster Instructor Guide (when it comes out) for final details.

The new program includes the most requested changes from PADI Members: emphasizing the dive guide role of a Divemaster, deepening candidate experience and skill background, and incorporating real-world, practical training for the programs DMs are authorized to conduct.

New PADI Divemaster Program Overview

What’s New:

  1. dive site set-up and management
  2. mapping project (unchanged)
  3. dive briefing
  4. search and recovery scenario*
  5. deep dive scenario*
* A specialty diver certification in this area may fulfill this skill requirement at the instructor’s discretion.
The skill evaluation slate is being revised (product no. 60228).

A revised PADI Divemaster Manual and DVD are also available for those who prefer traditional study tools.

The dive theory knowledge requirement for Divemaster is now an intermediate step between what’s required for the PADI Rescue Diver rating and Assistant Instructor or Instructor certification.

Things That Haven't Changed:

Summary of Changes to Divemaster Materials

Revised materials (estimated ship date Dec 2010):

New materials (estimated ship date late Nov 2010):

Unchanged materials:

Discontinued materials:

Divemaster modular lesson guides

What about the current Divemaster materials?
We’ll transition to the new program over several months – similar to how we introduced the new IDC program. PADI Members should continue to use and sell DM materials in stock, but consider keeping a light inventory.

· The cut-off date for starting new candidates with the “old” DM materials is 1 July 2011. After this point, DM candidates and their instructors must use the new materials.

· TBA: what happens to Divemaster candidates who have not finished the “old” program by 1 July 2011

Where can I get more information?

Review the information on pages 2-5 of the 4th Quarter Training Bulletin

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