The June IDC is half way done

The June IDC is half way done

This means that the AI course has been completed and we're now in full swing in the OWSI course. Young Ania is cruising through it by the way!

As a real dive mistress, soon to be instructor, she's ruling over the confined water like a Roman emperor!

We've spend a few afternoons practising the skill circuit and Rescue Exercise # 7 of the Rescue Diver course, spend plenty of time in the classroom discovering the delights of power point presentations and spend some time in Open Water to top it off.

Ania during a Controlled Emergency Swimming Ascent in confined water.

The one on one training makes for early days though and as already mentioned, Ania's cruising through the IDC with very good scores so far.

Ania during one of her classroom presentations, trying to sell me a computer.

In a few more days we're done with this IDC and on our way to Koh Tao for Ania's PADI IE. So stay tuned for more updates on Ania's progress during this IDC and during her IE adventures.


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