Deep Dive speciality at Sail Rock

Deep Dive speciality at Sail Rock

Rob, who completed his IDC recently in February, took up one more Speciality, the Deep diver specialty.
Rob already completed a few Specialities during the March Wreck dive trip to Pattaya, including the very popular wreck exploratory trip.

This is the first course that I officially taught for The Dive Academy on Koh Samui, with the first IDC in conjunction with The Dive Academy kicking off tomorrow.

We went out to Sail Rock and the crushing effect of the water pressure at around 30 meters of depth is clearly illustrated in this picture with Rob holding an empty plastic water bottle.
This was the same day when I spotted the UXO ordnance I wrote about recently.

Rob during a safety stop, which are required at the end of your dives, especially during deep diving.

The second dive we toured around the rock for a bit and spotted amongst others this nice species of a scorpion fish.

Sail Rock had great visibility and there was a big school of juvenile barracudas circling around which made for a great photo opportunity.

Stay tuned for upcoming events, including the June IDC!


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