The Suunto Zoop dive computer and a Scubapro MK 17 and R395

The Suunto Zoop dive computer and a Scubapro MK 17 and R395

Here's some new equipment that I purchased recently, a very nice new regulator from Scubapro, the MK 17 first stage with a R395 second stage and an R295 Octopus (the yellow hose and yellow regulator) with a Scubapro pressure gauge.

On top of that I also got a brand new Suunto Zoop dive computer.

This bunch of dive spaghetti is my new set of Scubapro regulators. The cap of the first stage is off since I took literally off my tank to take this picture and put it back on again. They breathe very nice and easily and the second stage has as an add an adjustable flow stream.

The Scubapro MK 17 mounted on the tank of the day.

A nice middle ranged regulator that will be able with the amount and kind of diving that I do during a year and will serve me for the next couple of years unless somebody has a nice endorsement deal for me!

A nice piece of simple and effective technology from Finnland, the Suunto Zoop. A bit of strange name but the name of the Suunto Zoop dive computer was inspired by Zooplankton – animals that wander the oceans propelled by the currents.

The computer is a basic Suunto computer that exactly does what I need it to do during my recreational diving and it's also Nitrox compatible.

More bits and pieces will be coming up soon, all delivered by Samui Dive Supply.