PADI Specialty of the Month May 2010; DUP

PADI Specialty of the Month May 2010; Digital Underwater Photography or DUP

It seems that I mixed up the Specialities of the month for April and May so this month it's Digital Underwater Photography or DUP.

It's one of the more popular specialities and for a reason, an underwater digital camera doesn't cost you an arm an a leg any more and even with small and relatively simple camera's you can make great pictures, see my sample. I'm using a Canon Ixy Digital 2515.

Let alone once you start to look at very basic shoot and aim camera's. Underwater photography has come a very long way since the days of Bruce Mozert!

A Glossodoris atromarginata nudi branch shot during the Exploratory wreck dive in Pattaya

During this course you learn to use an underwater digital at various levels and even snorkelers can learn how to use a camera correctly.

A tube anemone at Twins near Koh Tao

As my pictures throughout my blog show, there's plenty of things and life to see underwater and the coolest thing is to be able to show your friends what you just saw. This course will allow you to do exactly that.

Red breasted wrasse at Twins near Koh Tao

You also learn how to upload your pictures, store them and how to edit and share them, in case you didn't know how to do this yet.

A dancing flatworm in Mango Bay, Koh Tao

A Christmas tree garden at twins near Koh Tao

As usual, you will receive a 10% discount for this Specialty of the Month if you book it during this month with me!

Enjoy and watch out for more posts on this blog!


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