A great success story

A great success story by Tom, Dijana and Nigel

And great it is! Tom and Dijana, A German couple, decided as many others before them, that it was time for a change in their life and they saw their change as becoming PADI dive instructors.
After some online research, they found my German IDC website and they were especially attracted by the Go Pro CDC package in combination with the MSDT internship, where you get to certify 25 PADI divers at various levels, and as an added bonus they also completed their IDCS Instructor course at a very reduced rate as part of a special offer if one books this whole package.

Their master plan was to be able to work at locations where they most likely wouldn't be able to afford to dive. They rationalised that being just an PADI OWSI that their chances would be rather slim but as an IDCS Instructor, their chances would increase. How right they were. Towards the end of their 5 month stay they had various tempting offers on their hands and they decided to go and work for a prestigious Cruise line organisation that has 4 boats all over the world. They will start in Italy, as managers for the water sports department and end up in 8 months time in Barbados. Not a bad itinerary and I don't envy them at all, right!

To top it all off, after that they already have an offer to be resort managers at one of the Maldives islands. All I can say is; Well done!

Tom and me during one of Tom's fave moments in the IDC and IDCS course, a coffee break

December 2009 saw them participate in their IDC, after they had emptied out the PADI Europe warehouse with all their German PADI materials and after a fun IDC program on Koh Samui, they passed their PADI IE on Koh Tao with ease.

Dijana during her IDCS course, spotting a problem

After the PADI IE was out the way it was time for diving and we got a dozen or so Instructor Specialties out of the way, including non diving Instructor Specialities and some real get wet diving specialities including some exploratory wreck diving in Pattaya.

Now during the recent April IDC, they were ready to start their last bit of their Thailand adventure, their IDCS course. After having taken this last hurdle, they were at last ready to being let loose at the rest of the world and go where they planned to go straight from the beginning, at a great dive location where they wouldn't be able to dive if they would have to pay for it themselves, but now they work at exactly such a location and are getting paid to be there.
Their training was a big part of their success in getting there and being an IDCS Instructor gives it just that extra weight when applying for jobs combined with all the other training they did along the road.

Interestingly enough, Nigel who completed also a Go Pro CDC package, completing his IDC just a month before Tom and Dijana in November 2009, has also landed a job at the same cruise company as Tom and Dijana, the only difference was that he didn't complete his IDCS course.

Truth to be told, it's an investment they had to make, but looking at other career options, the end price they had to pay, is no comparison to other career changing options.

Diving won hands down in the price department and their new offices are now the oceans of the world and great life style is awaiting ahead of them!

Dijana, me and Tom during their last night on Samui, just a few days ago.

They're in Germany now, preparing for their boat/cruise trip! With their great attitude, positive view of life and good humor I'm sure they will succeed wherever they go but nonetheless, a big GOOD LUCK to both of you and thanks for being able to be part of your plan.

To Nigel as well, GOOD LUCK and enjoy your trip, hope you made it on to the boat, despite the Greek strikes.

All three had a great plan to start with and one that paid off big time, I'm looking forward hearing from and following their dive adventures.


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