Seahorse skewers; endangered species?

Seahorse skewers; endangered species?

Recently I stumbled over a very funny blog, with lots of cool and funny stuff on it, well worth checking out.

However, one picture in an article about fast food during the Olympics in Beijing caught my attention and it's the picture below of seahorse skewers.

On a regular base I do like to try 'unusual' food, and I most definitely had my share of strange food and some were probably an endangered species, but that was eaten by me before I became aware of their rare status or other problems those certain species were facing.

Now as a diver, I can't imagine that anyone amongst us is getting excited about the picture above. The sea horses are rare finds and lovely creatures and to see them on a skewer is heart breaking and disgusting!

It's important to bring awareness out there and hopefully these pictures will be a thing of the past!


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