Instructor level Specialty training during April 2010

Instructor level Specialty training during April 2010

Graham who just completed his April IDC took Instructor Specialty Training and before we go over to Koh Tao tomorrow for a PADI IE, we completed all the specialities that Graham choose.

Graham practising on land some patterns for his Underwater Navigation speciality.
Other specialities that were completed included Deep diving, DUP, Multilevel, Nitrox and Night diving.

On Chaweng Beach we encountered this lovely shell, at first I thought it was a cowrie shell but I tend to lean towards a harp shell now or possibly a turban shell.

During the deep dive, Graham had to complete a timed task, first at the surface and than at depth to see what effect nitrogen narcosis has at depth. This picture is taken at around 27 meters depth.

During a dive at Sail Rock we saw this Giant Murray Eel, always an impressive sight.

A hermit crab at Sail Rock, great creatures to observe.

Stay tuned for the Graham's and Mel's PADI IE adventures.


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