April 2010 IDC is in the bag

April 2010 IDC is in the bag

All done and dusted for Graham and Mel for their IDC and for Thomas and Dijana's IDCS course.
For me it was great to teach the new 2010 curriculum of the IDC and it is a much improved program and I like it!

During the OWSI part of this IDC we did a bit more Confined Water work and Mel is demonstrating a deep water exit out of the Open Water diver course.

Knowledge Development was also on the schedule and Mel hit it off with her Project AWARE presentation.

Graham also enjoyed the classroom presentations, especially finding his way around in the PADI structure of presenting.

As usual we had some lovely lunches at World Resort during our breaks. Thanks for taking part Mel, Tom, Dijana and Graham, it was my pleasure!


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