Wreck dive Specialty in Pattaya, day # 2

Wreck dive Specialty in Pattaya, day # 2

After yesterday's opener of a 3 day Wreck dive bonanza in Pattaya, we finished today with another day on HMS Koot to complete the Instructor Wreck dive specialty for all the Samui based instructors on this trip; Grainne, Preben, Tom, Nigel and Rob.

Working with reels and ropes is one of the Wreck specialty topics, this picture is taken at 29 meters depth, inside the HMS Koot, the rope will guide you safely out after you penetrated a wreck

Under a sunny Pattaya sky we set out again for HMS Koot and I completed the Instructor Wreck specialty with Tom and Preben during the first dive and with Grainne during the second wreck dive today. All wreck dives are being made on Nitrox which gives us extra bottom time.

Tom and Preben during their safety stop

Our third dive of the day today was a combined Specialty dive, DUP for Grainne and Video for the other 4.

This beautiful fluorescent plant was spotted by me during the first dive of the day.

We spotted also this file fish during the first dive. The second dive we experienced a strong current and it put the same wreck we dived 3 times already in 2 days time in a new perspective.

During Grainne's DUP dive I spotted this strange, hairy crab that wasn't as shy as other crabs usually are.
Tonight at midnight we're off for an exploratory trip during which we will dive a Thai Navy patrol boat and two wrecks that our captain has marks for. We'll be getting back to Pattaya around 7pm tomorrow, so an 19 hour trip is ahead of us!
More updates either tomorrow or the day after


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