Vintage Scuba dive adds

Vintage Scuba dive adds

Cruising over the net, I sometimes stumble over some interesting sites and recently I discovered the black and white photography of Buce Mozert, on whom I dedicated two posts.

Shortly afterwards I also stumbles over some vintage scuba dive adds and they have it in them! Generally coming form the 6-tees and 7-tees, they show some creativity that involves diving. I guess those were still the days when sex was safe and diving was dangerous!

In today's PC world, a lot of these adds wouldn't even see the light of day but they are a nice retro way of looking at the world.

Great add on how to catch a Scuba Diver with your wedding dress! Somehow my wife caught me and I know of a few other divers that are married, so there's still hope out there for all those single women.

Delta Airlines with a seemingly 7-tees looking add that has plenty of underwater adventure.

One of my fave cars ever, the Citroen DS. Gentleman, start your engines! Wonder how much 2.545,-USD translates into nowadays.

Alcohol and diving, always a sure winner! I never heard of Ballantines beer, thought they only make whiskey.

The Man's Mixer, bring it on 7-Up! Gotta start stocking up here on some more 7-Up.
With thanks to Newscubamarketing and if you like these adds, you may find some more interesting pix on the vintage scuba supply website and as always to PADI America's blog where I first saw these adds.
Here's also a link to an add by Bob Perine who made a famous series of adds featuring Fender guitars in his 'you won't part with your either' series and one is with a scuba diver in full gear carrying his Fender and amp into the ocean. A classic shot. If someone can find a downloadable version of this picture, please let me know.

There will be more vintage scuba equipment and vintage adds posts to follow.


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