More jellyfish accidents

More jellyfish accidents

A nine year old Swedish girl was stung by a Box Jelly fish on Koh Mak, where two years ago already an Australian boy was stung and nearly survived.

Please note this line in the article;

But she is skeptical that the hotels did not warn tourists of the dangerous jellyfish, although several people have died in the past. “No signs, no information. The day after that Ida was burnt I was told that people were down there the water at the same place and swam again. This should not be allowed to go on.

Here's a link to an article in Swedish in Aftonbladet with the original picture and a translation.

The marks on Ida's leg look serious and she's lucky to be alive due to quick thinking and acting from a bystander.

On Samui there are currently some good initiatives going on by placing vinegar stations an all major hotel beaches on the island.

Click on the link provided for more information on Jelly Fish and other Hazardous Marine Life.

Once more, there's no immediate reason to worry too much about box jellyfish but it's good to be aware and take simple pre cautions like wearing stinger suits and have vinegar available.