Project AWARE Announces International Cleanup Day Report 2009

Project AWARE Announces International Cleanup Day Report 2009

Received a press release from Project Aware today, the non profit environmental organisation associated with PADI and thought it right to share this information with you, my dive blog readers.
We put our own little effort in on September 19th last year with our own Clean Up Day on Chaweng Beach on Koh Samui.
Good to see that Project AWARE gets a bit more exposure on my dive blog, two days back to back now!

This was part of the mail;

"Your fabulous cleanup efforts have contributed important data to the Global Marine Debris Index due to be released later this year. The data results also feature in the latest Project AWARE Cleanup Report 2009 – just released.

Now is also the time to register for Dive for Earth Day 29 April (on Koh Samui). So check out your countries listing in the report and take action this Earth Day!

Keep up the great work. "


Project AWARE Foundation’s International Cleanup Day 2009 Report: outlining dive community’s global actions to combat marine debris.

Six million tonnes of debris enter the world’s oceans every year wreaking havoc on underwater creatures and environments every day. For 16 years, Project AWARE Foundation has led underwater and shoreline cleanup efforts in partnership scuba divers worldwide and Ocean Conservancy.

The newly released International Cleanup Day Report 2009, highlights Project AWARE’s efforts by volunteer divers and water enthusiasts. During International Cleanup Day, they removed over 222’000 kg/490’000 lbs of debris. Debris, that would otherwise continue to poison our waters and be “out of sight and out of mind” for most.

More than 90 countries collected a staggering 140’814 cigarette filters, 78’854 plastic bags and found baby sharks, fairy penguins, moray eels and sea turtles, entangled and killed by the debris.

The 20 page International Cleanup Day Report provides an introduction to Project AWARE’s Marine Debris Campaign; recognizes the ongoing efforts of divers and water enthusiasts across the globe and underlines the dire consequences of marine debris for the aquatic fauna. It offers a visual snapshot of trash collected with a colourful map highlighting number of volunteers and weight of debris collected in each region.

“Project AWARE Foundation truly appreciates the dive community’s efforts to combat litter in our oceans and waterways. There are solutions to the marine debris crisis and it is inspiring to see divers leading the way. We ask cleanup organizers and divers to use this report to highlight efforts and encourage others to become part of this global movement to bring about change,” said Project AWARE Foundation’s Director, Jenny Miller Garmendia.

To check out the Top Ten Debris Items found or Tips to Keep Waters Debris Free download the International Cleanup Day 2009 Report today.