Preben's IDCS course kicked off today

Preben's IDCS course kicked off today

Preben, who completed his IDC last year in February 2009 is back to complete his IDCS course this year! Well done Preben and a great example of taking your own education serious and continuing your dive experience and education.

Today Preben breathed through the 5 Theory exams, knocking them all out way above the required 80% passing grade and we had a Knowledge Development section as part of this IDCS course shows Preben during this evaluation training and he knocked them out as well today!

Above is one of my presentation topics shown! Get in there!

Tomorrow the actual IDC will kick off and Preben will sit through the complete IDC course again and gets the opportunity to see it from a different angle this time and with more opportunities to practice his grading.

Keep your eyes peeled to this channel for more updates this coming week!


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