PADI IE for February has been completed

PADI IE for February has been completed

Tonight is gonna be a good night, tonight is gonna be a good, good night!

Two days of blood, sweat and tears later and there are 4 new PADI Instructors babies born today at World Resort on Koh Samui during the recent PADI IE.

Yesterday the 5 theory exams and the General Standards Exam were tackled and after that the candidates completed their Knowledge Development. That day went by without a hitch and all passed easily both PADI IE sections.

Today saw water work only and almost all scores were straight five's with a few 4.6's as lowest score of the day!

The whole group can be seen here during Rob Scammell's, the PADI examiner, speech after the IE and before they're cut loose into the rest of the world again! From left to right; Rob, Grainne, Takuo, Nobu (IDCS), Sachiko, Aiko (IDCS), Preben (IDCS) and Rob Scammell.

Here's the official group picture, from left to right standing; Grainne, Takuo, myself, Rob, Rob Scammell and Aiko. Sitting; Preben, Sachiko and Preben.

Well done guys and girls and all the best for your future diving career and thanks for such a great time during the IDC.