Mike's specialty Instructor training is done

Mike's specialty Instructor training is done

After having completed the January 2010 IDC successfully, earlier this month, we made good use of the time available, together with the fact that there was only one IDC candidate this month, which allowed for great(er) than usual flexibility, we took a ferry to Koh Tao and we completed the Instructor Specialty training before the start of this months PADI IE, also on Koh Tao.

One of the Specialties taught was Underwater Navigation, here's the white board after the briefing of this dive, a small door opening into the kitchen of knowledge and teaching . Come and see if you're interested in the full course (sounds familiar, anyone?).

On Koh Tao, during an Aware Fish ID dive at Twins, we spotted this scorpion fish in full war dress, in all of his glory, a beautiful and rather rare sight. A nice touch was that Thomas, Dijana and David of the December 2009 IDC also participated in selected dives this month in order to complete their Specialty training.

Yesterday we saw this big Titan Triggerfish (as one of many around the Koh Tao dive sites) as part of the first of the two Deep dive Instructor specialty at White Rock and I got really close up for this amazing picture. If breeding, these are not very friendly fish! Luckily for us their hormones were in check.

Today we went for another Deep dive at Chumporn Pinnacle, although we didn't get to see the much anticipated and by now famous bull sharks at this dive site, it was still a very enjoyable dive with a good 20 meters visibility. This really small jelly fish caught our attention however, near the surface, it was the size of half a fist probably.

A school of baby Barracuda at White Rock saw us finish the specialty training today, having completed DPV, DUP, Nitrox, Equipment, Gas Blending, Night, Emergency Oxygen Provider, Search & Recovery, Boat and the Underwater Naturalist specialties over the last couple of days.

Right now Mike is in the PADI IE orientation which should be finished about now, ready to kick it off with 5 theory exams and the General Standards & Procedures exam.

Soon more about this PADI IE.


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